Just Stuff 

The rain is tap tapping on the leaves outside my window. Thunder just rolled across the night, out of place in late mid-November. This whole Fall has been peculiar. In a month, it’ll be calendar Winter, and it’s only been this past weekend that the temperatures have felt Autumnal. 

This evening, I cooked what may have been two of my best dishes ever – twice cooked potatoes, which have always been a big hit and turned out especially delicious this time, and a new recipe for a broccoli rice casserole. It was very tasty, and I don’t normally like casseroles. They’re for work tomorrow, where we’re doing a potluck Thanksgiving lunch. 

I also made a turtle pie. My own recipe, with homemade caramel, a layer of whipped chocolate cream, and a layer of whipped caramel cream. It’s a refrigerator pie, no baking necessary. 

My Girl and I have been making CosPlans. We’ve prioritized the CosPlays we want to work on most between now and May when we go to our next convention. She is working on an original character that she wants to do as a furry. I haven’t seen her drawings yet. Her descriptions sound fun, though. It’s going to be involved, and maybe a bit expensive to get the fun fur. 

For myself, my list looks like this: 

-finish her Yandere costume (Japanese School Girl uniform)

-Bombshell Harley Quinn (for me)

-Gazelle, from Zootopia (also for me)

That’s enough. I could make a list a mile long. The longer the list becomes, the lower the probability of me getting any of it completed. 

I also want to make a MeowChi Pattern. A big one. My girl wanted one, but it was beyond my budget. I did get her a little stuffed alpaca. Totes adorbs. And then, unexpectedly, I was given a MeowChi for helping to break down a vendor booth. All the MeowChis and other plushies were total cute overload. I’m being a mean Mama and keeping my MeowChi. I worked hard for it, and named it Meeba. 


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