I Needed Sleep

For the past several nights, I have not gotten enough sleep. Six hours or less. My norm for the past couple years has been a little over seven hours. With naps, I can usually hit my FitBit sleep goal of seven and a half hours. Even an hour or so less each night builds uo, making me achey and tired. 

So after a very full day yesterday, along with a late night, I deliberately turned off my alarm (which I use only as a back up – I’m nearly always awake before it goes off), and gave myself permission to sleep until I woke up on my own. I actually slept for eight and a half hours! 

Lifting numerous cases of bottled beverages, and walking 19,400 steps yesterday wore me out. 

Part of me feels a twinge of guilt for still being in my room when it’s nearly 9am. I know that people are downstairs, setting up for the convention, and I told them last night that I’ll continue helping with setup this morning. They planned to start at 8am. 

I needed rest. I’ll get down there soon enough, and work my butt off for most of the day. 

Today is going to be another long and full day. I’m working registration once it opens, so I’ll get to see all the awesome costumes. I can’t wait! 


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