Conventional Work

My hours were cut at work today. I got the text message just as I was getting into my car. Good timing.

The timing works not just for catching me before I drove to work, but also because I’m heading in to a full weekend adventure. I’m super stoked about it! And I haven’t finished packing.

There’s an anime convention that my Girl and I are going to. So, (fair warning) there’s a high probability that my posts for the weekend will be Convention oriented. I signed up to be a volunteer, and am going in a day early to help with setup. The manual labor of event setup (and breakdown) quite appeals to me. I’d also enjoy the organization of events. For real, I watch The Wedding Planner because I’m envious of the people who work at the firm in the movie. Well, and I enjoy the cheesy romance.

The anime convention, though! Super stoked!

We’ve gone to a few Cons over the past year, learning that we all three enjoy them for different reasons.

The first one, I did little more than marvel (pun intended) at costumes and enjoy some alone time in the hotel room while my kiddos wandered. The second time, I attended several panels.

On a whim, for the last Con we went to, I signed up to volunteer. That has been my favorite Con so far. I didn’t have time for much programming, but I did feel like I was doing something. Twiddling my thumbs doesn’t work well for me. I worked my butt off, even helping with breakdown and loadout. The woman who owns that Con also owns the one we’re attending this weekend. She, and the staffers, were pleased with my work, and invited me to please please please volunteer for the upcoming Con. It was an easy YES from me, because I’d already planned to do that very thing.

My understanding is that the Con staff have had iffy experiences with volunteers. Volunteers can be no-shows, unreliable, unwilling to work on the small details. That is not my MO. Every job needs to be done by somebody to make these things run well.

I’m a volunteer noob, with no expectation of getting the plum jobs. Getting a blister on my thumb from attaching badge holders to lanyards – check; Cutting apart large stacks of small squares of paper – check; Being a Clipboard Bunny – check (ears and tail encouraged)… if it needs to be done and is within my capabilities, I’m willing to get my hands dirty.

And I think I’ll take my camera, to get a little practice.

It is going to be a full weekend, so my personal challenge is to continue writing, stepping, Spanishing, and Saluting the Sun (because one sun salutation is likely the most I’ll make time for) every day… as well as shooting (photos, that is… because I needed one more thing).

No matter the job, I don’t mind to get my hands dirty.


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