No Knitting 

DuoLingo – Day 20; Yoga – Day 26; Walking – Day 28; Writing – Day 32 

Today, I realized that I don’t enjoy knitting. I am capable of knitting, and have knitted a few things in the past. My favorite is a pink cap I made for my girl when I first learned to knit ten years ago. It was a beautiful, intricate, leaf pattern. I’d have loved to make a shawl or scarf of that pattern, but it took too long. 

A couple weeks ago, I began knitting a boot cuff for a costume. I set it aside and distracted myself with making tails for my girl. Today, I figured I’d get back to the cuff, even changing the pattern to the simplest stitch possible – garter stitch… and it felt like drudgery. I did not enjoy it. A few rows in, I put down my needles and declared aloud, “I do not like knitting.” 

My girl asked, “what about your costume?” I will order a set of cuffs from someone on Etsy. The yarn I have can be used for making other non-knitted yarn projects, such as ears to go with the tails. 

I also managed to tame my mountain of laundry. There was quite the pile in front of my dryer – all clean. I’d wash and dry, and let it sit. While I was folding clothes, I realized that most of the clothes I wear regularly were in that mountain, which meant that most of the clothes still in my closet could be re-evaluated for purging. I put several thing in the donation box. 

Even more impressive is that I hung up my clothes. I have a hang-up about hang up clothes. I rarely do it. What makes that more absurd is that I don’t own a dresser so ALL my clothes are hang-up clothes. Well, my under things, tank tops, and shorts are in a couple of hanging shoe holders. 

My kitchen is clean. My bedroom is rearranged and halfway organized. And I spent some time with my Girl, mostly watching the Game Theory episodes about Five Nights At Freddy’s. Game Theory is a rather interesting YouTube Channel. My Boy managed to convince my Girl that it was worthy of her attention. My kiddos are the only reason I know anything about anything popular. And our scope is rather narrow. I like it that way. I’m not overly into social media, and when I’m online, it is usually to find info about topics that interest me… not to learn the latest gossip, styles, trends, whatever. 

Really, I fantasize about having a place where I can be completely off the grid and out of touch. 


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