A variety of writing topics has crossed my mind this evening. There were a couple different ideas that came to me on my way home, including thoughts about research I’d like to do regarding height. I have a hypothesis that I’ll share eventually. Also, it’s the first day of November, National Novel Writer’s Month. 

When I walked in the house, my son greeted me with quite the diatribe about the home life of one of his friends. That led to some discussion of parenting styles, and our tendency to be nonconformist. 

My daughter played for me a YouTube performance of a song written from God’s perspective. Irreverent and thought-provoking… 

Knowing that my day would be full, I wisely opted to drag myself out of bed sooner than I normally would have, and do my yoga for today. Before I crawled out of bed, I finished my DuoLingo lesson for today (no writing of the lesson today). Two marks in the “win” column. I take the Win where I can get it. Getting home when I did made me quite grateful that I had yoga and Spanish already marked off for today. 

I also managed to get my 10,000 steps done, too. My work day spanned from 8am to 11pm and two states, about 240 miles… 6 PlanOGrams done, and at least thirty more printed to be worked on next week. My travel was to a different store in my region. They’re a high-volume store, and have gotten behind on merchandising. So I’m back on the travel roster, YAY! My bank account will be a little healthier for it. 

So all I had left to do was my writing. NaNoWriMo writing isn’t happening today. 

I’m in for another short night. My hope is to get a nap before work tomorrow. I also want to go for a run. I’d like to chase sunrise and get some new pics. 


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