A sweet friend of mine is hosting her first Instagram challenge. She is growing her hobby of Lettering into a small business, and the challenge has been issued to fellow Letterers and fans. The challenge is: for each day of November, finish the sentence, “Today, I am thankful for…” post a pic on IG of the lettering project that finishes the sentence, use the hashtag #LetteringThanksNovember and tag @withloveandchalk

I’m not picking up another hobby. While I love writing, both creative writing and the physical act itself, I do not need to begin a collection of bits and bobs for anither creative endeavor. There is still much I need to purge from my household,  and bringing more into my already limited time and space would be counterproductive. 

However, I am a fan of gratitude. While driving home last night, I was thinking that, if I were to participate in the challnege, I would write: Today, I am thankful for getting home after a very long day of work. 

Today, I can tell you that I am thankful for sleep. Sleep is so wonderful. I didn’t get enough last night, and feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. It makes me grateful for the times when I do get enough rest, and has me looking forward to getting into bed tonight. After another long day. 

Yoga is going to be interesting. My shoulders are quite sore. 


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