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In addition to working my behind off last week, I had another valid reason not to run. It’s just that I am only now acknowledging that I should be taking a break before I end up making a break.

I don’t know that anything is actually broken. Several days ago, I dropped a 2 liter Diet Coke on my foot. That wouldn’t have been so bad if it had landed broadside. Did it? Oh no! Cap down, my  friends. That tiny little cap landed on my foot, and I said unpleasant words. At least, I said them in my head. Didn’t think much of the incident though, until a week later when I saw the bruise.

It’s really weird that the bruise took that long to show up. I bruise nearly  instantly. All the time. Seriously, I have at least thirty bruises on my legs from various construction-y projects. And my arms, good heavens, it’s a wonder someone hasn’t recommended counselors who specilize in helping battered women. I take great pride in all my work-earned injuries. Dropping a 2 liter soda bottle is NOT a work related injury. Nothing to be proud of.

I kept wondering why my  left foot kept aching, and those three middle toes were always tingling, burning, hurting. Sometimes, I may be a little dim. The bruise finally clued me in. And now that it’s been nearly a week and a half, with the ache my constant companion, I’ve decided that it would be in my best interest to see the doctor to get an Xray. I don’t need to run on it if something is cracked. And I need my feet to be in good running order! My appointment is in a few days. Until then, I’m going to elevate my foot (in the evenings… I have too much work to do during the day), ice it, and take some ibuprofen. So my break continues, to avoid a worse break.

I WILL be back to running as soon as I am cleared.

Any suggestions forworking out in a way that won’t irritate a foot injury?


6 responses to “Bruised

    • Haha, I’d be the kind to drop the entire case of cans on my foot! I’ve stopped buying soda altogether… But my feet aren’t much safer. Poor feet – I should wear steel boots all the time.


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